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Here is the latest information on events for 2004, Thanks to all who have passed this valuable information along so it can be compiled into one list. Everyone can mark your calendars for any events that you may be interested in attending. I'm sure as we get in to 2004, more and more events will be added to this already growing list of fascinating events that are sure to appeal to almost everyone interesting in learning more about the War of Northern Aggression. If anyone wishes to have their events listed on this listing, please free to forward the information and I will be glad to include it . Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who loves events such as the ones listed below.  


15 May 2004 New Market Reenactment The 140th anniversary of the Battle of New Market

Any additions that you may have, please e-mail the webmaster

This page was created 04 April 2002, last updated 22 April 2004.

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